Down by the Cool of the Pool

Poolside Ceremony

Down By the Cool of the Pool

Down by the pool
in the cool of the day
……..(the Groom) Frog cried, “Wheeeee can you dance like me?”
……..(the Bride) came to see “I can dance too. But not like you. I can Flap”
so ………..went flap, and ………..cried “Wheeeee! can you dance like me?”
And they splished and splashed and their dance was done
Then away they drifted and down went the sun
Fipping and flopping, splishing and splashing,
stomping and stamping!
They frolic down by the cool of the pool
Slipping and flopping

Where will the fun end?

Of course, this can all be tailored to fit your special event.

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