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Thanks for choosing us to be a part of your most important event. We truly consider it an honor. Please fill out the contract below to submit online and reserve your date immediately. If you would prefer you can download the contract and email it to

Vows can be emailed to All vows must have names inserted in all blanks, exactly as you want the minister to say them. You are welcome to cut and paste vows from our website or write your own (we will be glad to help with that if you desire). Vows must be turned in one week prior to the wedding date. Always include your wedding date in the subject line of any correspondence.

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* agrees to provide the Officiator service on *, beginning at * and ending at * (officiant will be present 15 min. before and after the service. If additional time is required, arrangements must be made in advance. There is a $25 fee for each 15 min. over the one hour allotted for your ceremony.).

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A personal check will be accepted for the deposit but the remainder of fees must be paid in either

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  • or PayPal.

All monies due must be paid prior to the wedding day. Once signed below, no changes can be made to this agreement, and it cannot be canceled. In the event that the bride or groom ("Provider") wishes to cancel the performance or that performance cannot take place through no fault of "Minister;" the provider remains liable for the total amount above. If the "Minister" for some reason, such as death, illness, or accident beyond their control, cannot perform the ceremony, "Minister" will provide an alternate Minister of equal experience. If this is not possible, all monies received will be returned to Provider. This contract is therefore considered by both parties to be legal and binding in accordance to the conditions set forth herein.

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Please contact your Minister with all of the final details no less than two weeks prior to your wedding date.

To make your deposit payment online, visit the Online Deposit Payment page.

Any questions? Call 214-282-5354

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