Sand Wedding Ceremony Display

Sand Wedding Ceremony


Each of you begins with a bottle of sand that represents yourself as an individual. There is a larger, empty container that represents your future life together. As you pour your grains of sand into the big container, we watch them intermingle, symbolizing the joining of your lives. The couple can leave a little sand in their bottle, signifying that each remains an individual, as well as half of a couple.


Sand is used because it has very small grains, making it nearly impossible to separate the two original sources from each other. The symbolism is that the two of you will be as inseparable in your union as the grains of sand. Another Spiritual aspect of the ceremony could be to use pretty pebbles as the first layer since the Bible says that ” I am placing a stone in Jerusalem, a chosen cornerstone, and anyone who believes in him will never be disappointed.'”

Some couples prefer to use natural beach sand for the base that they have collected from a place (or places!) meaningful to them. Did you enjoy a trip to Padre Island, and scoop up sand there? Did you bring some black sand from Hawaii? Or some red sand from Greece? If the colors of the two sands are very different, the blending is more visually striking. Some couples favor using specially-colored sand, such as red and blue which combine harmoniously to make purple. Your theme colors could be echoed in your sand colors, or could complement them. We can provide with non sticking sand that sparkles. Or the color of the combined sands could match one of your theme colors. It is even fun to bring back some sand from the honeymoon and top off the lovely container.

Sand Ceremony Vases


Usually glass bottles are used because you can see the individual colors, and then the combined color. One with a top is important so it does not become a dust collector. Some couples use clear plastic bottles to avoid any possibility of breakage. We have been saying “bottle” here to refer to all the containers. You could easily decide to use a jar or vase for any or all of them. When we meet to discuss your ceremony I will have more suggestions. We carry the different color sands and also many different containers.

What Do We Do with the Sand After the Ceremony?

After the ceremony, the bottle of combined sand is usually sealed. Most couples give the container a place of honor in their home, such as on a mantle or on display in a china cabinet.


Your sand ceremony is the perfect place to get other people actively involved with your ceremony. Parents, friends, or relatives could bring your sand containers to you. This might be especially helpful in a location where it would not be convenient to have a table set up. Children often feel the need to be included, especially the child or children of a parent taking a new partner. Having a child pour sand into the big bottle is easy, safe, and is a wonderful opportunity for photographs that will be treasured for years. (“See? I was there and I helped!”) What better symbol of a blended family?

Some couples involve their parents in their sand ceremonies by having them pour a foundation in the bottom of the big sand bottle. It symbolizes your heritage and the strong support that your parents give you which will help you sustain your own marriage.

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