Infinity Wedding Chest

The Infinity Chest Ceremony

Today this couple has made a vow, cut a covenant, created a new family and brought their lives together to become one. As time passes many things happen that can stress the commitment and cause this beautiful memorable day and the passion you felt to fade a bit. So I have asked you two to find a chest or box capable of being locked. It had to be able to hold a bottle of wine and some goblets. As well as a copy of the vows you made today and a hand written note expressing your promise to love and support each other. Any other pictures or sentimental items can be included.

Inside the Infinity Wedding Chest

Whenever your marriage has come to need refreshing I ask that before you make any irrational decisions that you both, as a couple, open the chest, drink the wine together, and then venture off into separate rooms to read and reflect upon the vows that you wrote to one another on your wedding day. As you read the vows, please reflect upon the reasons you fell in love with each other. We pray that your love will endure all obstacles placed in your path and that there will never be a reason for you open this chest except to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary!

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